We have several levels of retriever training available to benefit you and your dog. Tell us what you would like to see from your canine and we will cater the best we can. We specialize in retrieving breeds for competition and hunting. Below is our list of services and training programs:

puppy training

Please note that all dogs are different and learn as such. Training times listed are average and each dog will progress through training as they show proficiency at each level. Your dog will never be rushed through any stage of its training. We strive to create a dog that performs with elegance and style; one that you can depend on each time a command is given. You will receive regular evaluation of your dogs’ progress.

All training fees includes daily training, boarding, food, kennel provided, free time to play and socialize, and updates.

**The best results occur when the owner visits monthly during the time of your dogs’ stay. The owner can be shown what your dog has learned.

Basic Retriever Training

obedience retrieving
3 - 5 Month(s)

Dog will learn proper heeling (on and off leash), sit, stay, kennel and here. There will be no more pulling on the leash during walks! Whistle training and e-collar conditioning is incorporated.

I use the foundation built during obedience training to teach your dog the skills necessary for a successful career as a competitor or hunter. During this time your dog will learn the basics of marking and handling. Marks will be thrown on land and water that help build a positive attitude and strong desire to retrieve. The process of Conditioned Hold is taught. Armed with this knowledge it is possible for each dog to learn the basics of running land blinds and handling.

Upon successful completion of our Basic retriever training program your dog will be ready to compete at the AKC junior hunt test level and take waterfowl hunting.

Intermediate Retriever Training

Additional 1 - 3 months

This level is for the owner who is a field trial or hunt test competitor or a hardcore waterfowl hunter. Your dog will learn multi-bird scenarios on varying terrain (both land and water) as well as the ability to handle on the water.

Dogs that successfully complete this level of training would be ready to compete at the senior level of AKC hunt tests or will certainly be the envy of anyone in the waterfowl blind.

Advanced Retriever Training

major master national

Times vary with each dog

This is the path to a “finished” retriever; one who can compete at Field trials, master level hunt tests and gets his or her own invitations to waterfowl hunt. Training is geared extensively toward competition with complex scenarios incorporating terrain, distance as well as other factors that typically only competitions present.

Dogs at this level are truly amazing to watch and even better to own.

Note: training time are approximate and can vary by numerous factors. I work hard to keep open lines of communication with owners on their dogs progress. It is my sincere goal to provide you with a dog that is the pride of any owner and one that any handler will gladly stand beside, whether at the line, in the field, or on the marsh.

Competition Handling

Field Trial/Hunt Test

Handling fee per stake plus travel expenses based on truck occupancy (in addition to entry fee).

We attend AKC competitions throughout the year and handle dogs at all levels. If you are interested in your dog competing we will take care of entering your dog, transporting them to the tests, and handling them.

Pre-Season Tune-Up

If your dog has been through our training program we will help get your dog ready for the upcoming hunting season. Contact us so we can evaluate what you and your dog need.