When I bought Si he was 8 weeks old. Tim Mumford said he would train my dog when he became 8 months old. I had never taken a dog to a trainer before, but I knew I needed to since I had failed many times on my own. When Si was 5 months old, I thought he was 8 months old. Tim told me when to bring the dog. The training started, the dog was easy, but I was harder. This is now the best Chesapeake I have ever owned. He was 14 months old when he retrieved all these diver ducks in on morning of hunting. Si knows how to sit and stay. He also knows hand signals. In the future Tim Mumford will train all of my dogs. If you're lucky enough, try to find a spot. I still take Si to Tim now and then for a little refresher. Si is now almost 3 years old. Si rides on the front seat and my wife of 47 years rides on the back seat. Try that with yours.

- Allen Rogers

Words cannot express how grateful we are that you took Buck into your program! We knew we would receive a well trained retriever back but more importantly we received a well loved, well cared for special boy back! For that we are forever grateful! Thank you for taking care of our boy as if he was your own!

- Linda & Mike